Elementary (1st - 5th grades)

First Time Guests:

Welcome to The Venues Children's Ministry. Thank you for sharing your child with us on Sunday morning.  Our volunteers are exceptional.  They are prepared to invest in your child each Sunday.  Their desire is to build a relationship with your children in hopes that they will "lean in" as they tell them how the Greatest Man who ever walked the earth wants to be their friend.  We have wonderful people who want to know your kid and help facilitate a relationship, not only with Jesus, but also their peers as well.

1st - 5th graders head down stairs to big group worship time.  There are volunteers and signs to help them get into the right spot.

We want you to be comfortable sending your children to their area.  Feel free to accompany your child.  We also have volunteers making sure everyone gets to the right location.

A typical Sunday...

Each Sunday, your child will feel at home.  When they are first dropped off downstairs, we will gather into one big group for a fun and kid-friendly worship time where they can praise Jesus in their own way with hands up, singing, dancing and jumping. Then we have the main Bible story and life lesson together before dividing into smaller groups for the cafe, service station and game room. Each child learns differently, so we have the lesson presented in various ways. They rotate through each of these stations spending 8-10 minutes at each place. 

At the cafe, we hope to spiritually feed your child.  Here they will enjoy a snack, discuss the lesson in more detail, learn the Bible verse, ask and answer questions, and learn how to apply it to their life.

Next, they will spend time at the service station. This is where we make crafts and complete service projects. The kids learn what it means to serve others and how to practice that every day.

Many activities happen at the game room. We have fun playing games, building relationships among the group, and learning to live and love like Jesus.

You can pick up your child down in the basement after the service is over.  For your child's safety, you must show the teachers your parent/guardian tag when you arrive to pick up your child. Expect another tag check as you leave the basement and head up the “out” stairs, so please keep your tags handy. No child will be allowed to leave the basement without a parent/guardian and matching tag.  Thank you for your understanding as we keep our children safe.


The unique station model of the elementary ministry allows for a fun and easy way to serve! When you volunteer in the elementary ministry, you get to serve alongside of several other volunteers. As you rotate through the stations you will notice a team effort. Our short and purposeful stations make the time fly by. Kid-friendly worship before hand allows you to have fun, and to connect with God and the kids before teaching a station. Please contact erikaobryant@thevenues.org to get plugged in.  We are scheduling volunteers once a month.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Erika O'Bryant: erikaobryant@thevenues.org.