Float Venues & baptisms


Day: Saturday, July 22nd
Time: 8 am
Where: Meet @ Hootentown Canoe Rental & Store

River Baptisms @ 8:30 am

To get baptized, sign up here! You don't have to go floating to get baptized

1254 HootenTown Road Crane, MO 65633-7260
Phone: (417)369-2266

It's only 27 miles (30-minute drive) from Springfield.


Baptisms will be done @ Hootentown @ 8:30 am. (Show up @ 8 am)
Then they will shuttle us to Delaware Town to start our float promptly @ 9 am. There is only one shuttle at 9am! If you miss the shuttle, you miss the float.
After the float, the shuttle will pick us up at Shelvin Rock & take us back to Hootentown. (Around 2 pm)
Float from Delaware Town to Shelvin Rock is a 6-mile float


You are responsible for reserving your own canoes, kayaks, campsite and/or cabins. If you choose to camp, contact Hootentown.

  • $40 per canoe
  • $35 for kayak
  • No raft rental on this stretch of the river.

Let us know if you plan to come!

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