What is baptism?

A bath, shower, pour.

Yes, there is a cleansing element to baptism…I’ve messed up.  I’ve “sinned” - I haven’t lived, responded, loved, cared for others, like God has creating me to be and do…

I’ve “fallen short” of God’s design for me…

The “mikveh” was used by the Jewish community for ritual cleansing.  

Baptism can be a symbol of cleansing…of receiving God’s absolute unconditional love and mercy and forgiveness.   We don’t earn it. We can’t buy it. We just have it. It’s always been there, but I just have to be aware of it.

I recognize it.

I receive it.  

As the water pours over me, I feel God’s love pouring over me.  I’m like an ice-cream Sundae with chocolate syrup pouring over me…Sweet.  Love-able.

We are so excited to join you in this outward expression of following Jesus.

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Baptism: September 8th

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