Wednesday at The Venues


Poor Charlie Brown. “How can she see someone who’s nothing?”

What do we see when we see someone?
Matthew 25:31-46 is all about seeing.  Seeing “the least of these.”  When Jesus commended the “sheep” for “visiting” him (Matthew 25:36), the word he uses is episkeptomai.  Yeah, it’s a big word.  Break it down.  We get our word scope from its root word.  It means “to look into the condition of someone.”
It’s all about seeing.
Do we even see the “least of these?”  Or do we “look the other way?”  When we do see, what do we see?
Jesus says that when His “sheep” see the “least of these,” they see someone valuable.  They see Him.
The kids at Rare Breed know how Charlie Brown feels.  Rare Breed is a ministry for homeless teens in Springfield. The Venues is committing 20% of May’s offerings to this needed ministry.  People of The Venues are building relationships with the staff and kids of Rare Breed.  Loni Brewer, Rare Breed Director, told us Sunday that the number one need of the kids is for someone to tell them that they are valuable.  Wow. 
The kids, in Charlie Brown’s words, feel like “nothing!”  That’s how they were seen.  And that’s how they see themselves.  We have an opportunity to cooperate with God in changing the way people see themselves.  From “nothing” to “really something.”

At The Venues we are a network of relationships rallied around Jesus and
the restoration He brings. We believe that the love of Jesus compels us to
intentionally enter the lives of our neighbors so that they
can experience Him, His grace and His love.

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