Children’s Ministry 1st through 6th Grade Information

Have you noticed all the super kids we have hanging around at the Gillioz on Sunday mornings?  I might be a little bit biased, but we have an exceptional group of kids and families.  We are working diligently to provide our kids with an outstanding children’s ministry.   


Although our children have done an awesome job sitting in the service, some of you may not have gotten to listen quite as closely as you would have liked.  It is now time to provide our kids with a safe and FUN atmosphere where old and new friends can gather to explore the person of Christ.  

Jesus was about relationships and so are we! Our primary focus for the children’s ministry while we are at our temporary location is to build relationships with and among the children.  (Because of our limited space and storage, full implementation of the children’s program will happen once we are in our permanent location.)

As the 1st through 6th grade coordinator, I would like to share our direction for the children’s ministry.  Are you ready? Fasten your seatbelts!  We would like to provide activities for the 1st through 6th grade on March 24th after worship upstairs in the Wellington.

Check-In Process

On your way into the theater the morning of the 24th, grab as many name tags as you have children in this age group.  Each name tag has a number on the front and on the backing.  Please place your child’s name on the front, and have them wear it.  Hang on to the backing as your claim ticket for your child after service.  

We want you to feel comfortable sending your children upstairs after worship.  If you want to personally take them up there that is fine.  If your 5th grader can escort your 1st grader upstairs, that works too.  Volunteers will be available to help safely escort the children upstairs. 

Future Plans for the 1st through 6th Grade

Let’s recall the way Phillip described the meaning for the name of our church:

We are the church wherever we are – large group on Sunday, small groups during the week, hanging out at a coffee shop or bar- we are experiencing and expressing the life of Christ.

At our permanent location we will create a neighborhood or town for our children to experience and express the life of Christ.   We hope this experience will transfer into the activities of their daily lives.  

We plan to mimic a town with different locations and businesses.  Each of these locations will be used to teach a concept.  Each Sunday, our children will follow a route through this town visiting different businesses for a certain amount of time.  Imagine the children’s area having several different areas set up to look and feel like businesses they encounter each day.  

For example, there will be a diner/café staged where the kids will get a snack and also be fed spiritually by hearing Bible stories.  At the Service Station the kids will learn what it means to serve others, why we serve others and will be given opportunities to serve here.  The librarian will work with them on Scripture memorization and Bible trivia at the library.  The family room will represent the home where the kids will be able to explore thought-provoking questions with each other, learn new songs or watch a video clip reinforcing something they learned earlier.  

Our children will remain engaged as they navigate through each station.  We can add or eliminate different businesses as our needs change.  Imagine a post office where the kids can think about gratitude and being thankful.  We can provide a spot for them to send a thank you note or give words of encouragement to a friend.  Maybe we open a bank to discuss being good stewards of our money, helping others in need, and tithing. 

So, in the words of the Black Eyed Peas: Let’s Get It Started!


We need 45 people to volunteer once a month or 22 to volunteer twice a month.   Right now we have less than half of these numbers.  Here are the areas you can serve.  I promise it to be fun and easy if we all chip in to help!  Remember, we will all be in this neighborhood together- smiling, serving, high fiving, and loving on these kids.  

Since this will be a dynamic environment where groups are rotating around we need the following roles filled:

Bus Driver: On Sundays, Bus Drivers will “transport” their team to each station and help the station’s teacher as needed.  The primary responsibility of a bus driver is to foster relationships with and among their group of kids.  Bus Drivers are needed for the following ages: 1st & 2nd girls, 1st & 2nd boys, 3rd & 4th girls, 3rd & 4th boys, 5th & 6th girls, 5th & 6th boys. 

Server, Mechanic, Librarian:  Our three stations that require an attendant are the Service Station (teaching children about serving others), Café (Bible story time), and Library (Scripture memorization and Bible Facts).  Lessons will be provided and the person in this role should be comfortable facilitating, discussing, and teaching from the lesson with each group as they rotate through the station.  

Miscellaneous: If you are a retired teacher or someone comfortable telling a short Bible story or life experience related to serving others, please contact me. The children at the Venues would be blessed to spend just ten minutes with you on a Sunday morning! You would make a great special guest in the Service Station or diner once a year!  

Call or email me to volunteer.  Your time and gifts can be used as much or as little as you wish.   Holly Hime: 417-496-1744 or