What to Expect...

We are excited to partner with you in your child’s life and spiritual journey!

When you get here, be sure to check-in your birth through 8th grade children at the kiosks in the west hallway. The kids may be dropped off at 9:15 a.m. so you won’t be late for the 9:30 service, or 10:45 a.m. for the 11:00 service. Birth through pre-Kindergarteners have fun in the upstairs classrooms. Kindergarten-2nd grade students worship, learn, and have fun in the Kids Venue Basement. 3rd-5th grade students worship, learn, and have fun in the Kids Venue Mobile Classroom. And 6th-8th graders participate in Students Venue in their own Mobile Classroom. 

After checking in on the kiosk, head to your child's class and sign them in one more time on the class roster in case we need to contact you during service.

When service ends, you can head straight to Kids Venue to pick up your kids. Be sure to keep the parent tag for pickup as it should have the same number as your child’s name tag.

NOTE: Any volunteer who serves with children or youth under the age of 18 has completed and passed a background screening. 

Upcoming Events

Poke Prize Collection:  September 9-September 30 Kids Venue is collecting for Poke Prizes! What's a poke prize, you ask? It's a small gift bag given to a child undergoing cancer treatment at St. Judes when they have to get a shot or treatment-a poke. Children and families are invited to contribute small toys, prizes, iTunes gift cards or child size socks throughout the month of September.

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