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Venues Sessions are an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with others. Sessions cover a variety of topics and take many forms: movie viewings, panel discussions, classes, and more! 

Past Sessions:

  • Self-Defense | Class

  • Poverty Simulation | Event

  • Budgeting | Class

  • Church & State | Panel

  • Tough Questions | Group

  • Non-Traditional Families | Panel

  • Gay in the Bible Belt | Panel, Q&A, and Screening

  • Gaining Validation | Screening

  • Enneagram | Workshop

  • Consent with MeToo Springfield | Class

Upcoming Sessions

  • Me Too Springfield | Kids and Consent | Class | Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 2 PM – 4 PM


Me Too | Kids & Consent Session

It's never too early to learn about consent!

Though we often associate consent only with sexual assault, the truth is that it is an essential aspect of all relationships. People (even kids) have the right to set boundaries about their bodies, their possessions, and their actions, and we need to respect those boundaries.

In this class, parents (or grandparents, teachers, or anyone who loves kids) will learn how to teach their children about consent, body autonomy, communication, relationships, and self-worth. The class will be at The Venues Church!

The Venues will also be providing childcare with RSVP, so parents can listen and ask questions in peace.

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