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Each class is 2 hours long. Childcare is provided with RSVP. Basic Budgeting Series:

• An interactive four-week financial education series teaching proper money management

• Participants examine attitudes about money and establish a budget

• Participant review spending habits and establish financial goals

• Meet 1:1 with financial experts and are eligible to open a zero-balance/zero-fee savings account

• Participants are eligible for a savings match up to $100

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OACAC’s Poverty Simulation consists of four 15-minute sessions, each representing a week, in which participants grapple with real-life situations faced by individuals living in poverty.

The Simulation forces participants to assume the role of a low-income family and confront the realities of living on a severely restricted income.

The purpose of the Poverty Simulation is three-fold:

-Promote poverty awareness
-Increase understanding of the challenges faced by individuals living in poverty
-Inspire local change to overcome the effects of poverty

Childcare is provided with RSVP!

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