Our vision of what this looks like is multi-faceted:

Real - We see and teach God through action.  The life we live is our mission and ministry.  Our relationships are how we spread the love of Christ in tangible ways.  Hospitality, service, and spending time together are the rhythms that keep us together.

Accepting - We are all children of God and all are always welcome.  Diversity is not simply something to accept but something to strive for.  We have a lot to learn from all of the cultures and beliefs that make up our community.  

Local - We are not a separate people but part of a larger community.  We seek to serve those around us who have the greatest needs while seeking to transform the systems that create those needs.  We believe that transformation can happen right here, right now, if we truly live our lives with everyone who makes up our community.  

Mentors - The world we live in is not only served by adults; children and youth have just as much impact.  The perspective they bring guides our every action.  They have a front row seat to witness the transformations that occur through serving as they grow themselves into the future leaders of this community.

Stewards - Our financial responsibility is central to who we are and the message we send the community.  We hold ourselves to high standards of management and the greatest reliance on the direction of God.

Growth - We believe in the organic expansion of those called to a similar passion.  Our connection to the community is through the groups that live within that community.  We desire to challenge everyone involved how to follow their passion and expand their capability to serve.