Strengthening Families

More than 12,000 children - including 25% of children under 6 - live in poverty in Greene County, MO. The Venues strives to show love and support to these families through:  


Child Abuse & Neglect – Prevention and Support: 

Child abuse and neglect continues to be a red flag issue in our community: 

  • More than 6600 reports of child abuse and neglect were made in Greene County in 2017-18.  

  • More than 850 Greene County children were in foster care between April 2018 and March 2019.  

  • Median length of stay in foster care for these children 21.1 months.  

  • 39% of children were reunified with their biological families, 47% were adopted, 5% were emancipated, 7% guardianship, and 1% runaway

The Venues works to support these abused and neglected children, their foster parents, and their biological parents in the following ways:

Connecting Families

In the fall of 2019, The Venues will launch a partnership with The Connecting Grounds’ Connecting Families program to fill an identified gap in our community to support case workers, kids in foster care, their foster parents, and the biological parents.  The Venues will provide a safe location for Parent-Child visits to occur, trained supervision for those visits, as well as support and encouragement to families with Children’s Division cases pending. 

The church is called to love and support families, regardless of their circumstances or case outcomes.  Many individuals have been hurt by the church and this program is designed to help build/re-build trust by placing an emphasis on relationship building, providing support, and showing love to individuals and families right where they are.  


Lights of Love

Each holiday season, the Venues works with numerous community organizations to adopt hundreds of children, families, seniors, and homeless individuals.  


Women Warriors’ Backpack Bash

Every August, Women Warriors collects school supplies for children in foster care in our community and distributes them at the Backpack Bash!