Uniting and empowering women while serving others

What we do: Give to our community.
Each month a member or 2 steps up to be the leader. The leader decides which community organization we will give to that month and sends an email out to our contact list stating in what capacity we will be serving and organizes a meeting for that month to discuss the project we are working on. This could be shopping for backpacks with the money we have collected, serving a dinner at Rare Breed, painting a classroom for a school…wherever your heart leads you.

Commitment: Each member will contribute a monetary donation (of your discretion) to the Women Warriors of The Venues fund each month. Each member will take a turn at being a monthly leader.

We will have quarterly get-togethers to connect and have fun. Time and date set by the members. 

Our purpose: To unite and empower women while serving others.

Email Cheyenne to join!

Check out our facebook page for more info!