We strive to be a gathering of people known for unapologetic love for everyone around us. We are involved and invested in our community. We are all-inclusive in every aspect, accepting and affirming of the LGBTQ+ community. We don’t have it all together all the time or even most of the time, and believe it’s ok not to pretend that we do. We are, and will be, a messy place filled with imperfect people. Life is messy. Faith is messy. Let’s get on with helping people.

A gathering - Wherever we are, with whomever we are, we are gathered under the identity of Jesus - desiring to express His life, His love, His grace, His way.

A scatteringWe are involved and invested in our community - living out the spiritual and social ambition of Jesus to “tell the good news to the poor, announce pardon to the prisoners, give sight to the blind, set the burdened and battered free" - Luke 4:18-19.

A church for all people - Those who gathered around Jesus in the New Testament were messy. Some of his closest followers and friends doubted, they struggled with anger, and often put their foot in their mouth. They were the disenfranchised, the oppressed. Messy. With a derogatory tone, the Pharisees labeled Jesus, “the friend of sinners.” It seems like Jesus liked that label and we understand why. We are and will be a “messy” church.  A church filled with imperfect people, imperfectly following Jesus.  Life is messy. Faith is messy.  But let’s get over it and get on with loving all people and helping them experience God’s grace.  

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We strive to be a church of people known for unapologetic love for everyone around us.

Surrounding that central value are our other core values of authenticity, inclusiveness, community and grace. 



  • We believe Jesus’ love and mercy are big enough for all of us.

  • We believe love brings us together and doctrine can sometimes tear us apart.

  • We believe Jesus wants us to use our minds and think for ourselves.

  • We believe mystery, ambiguity, doubt, and questioning make us better and stronger people.

  • We believe if we learn from our mutual experiences and hear alternate perspectives, we will be better for it.

  • We believe the Bible should be taken seriously, but not always literally.

  • We believe the Bible points us to Jesus and Jesus is the perfect picture of what God looks like.

  • We believe that Christianity did not begin with a confession. It began with an invitation into friendship, community, and relationships based on love, mutual respect, and service.

  • We believe that caring for all creation is a good thing and a spiritual thing.

  • We believe we are to stand with Jesus in seeking peace and social justice for all.

  • We believe there are two things we absolutely have to do - Love God and love others as ourselves. The rest is secondary.

  • We believe that how we treat others is the very best way of showing what we believe.

  • We believe everyone has worth and value and we should all strive to reach our fullest potential.

  • We believe church should be a place where you want to go, not a place where you have to go.

  • We believe we need each other and life isn’t meant to be lived alone.

  • We believe the world can and should be better and Jesus wants us to help Him make it that way.


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